Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Results and Orientation

     1.  Results

          To date, three components of IMCI have been introduced and implemented in more than 224 districts of 45/63 provinces in Vietnam with different levels. 78 percent of provinces established IMCI steering committees to provide guideline of implementing IMCI at commune health stations, polyclinics and help to orient child health care activities in provinces. Most of implemented provinces have IMCI technical staffs, including IMCI facilitators and supervisors. Nearly 70% provinces have more than 8 facilitators and more than 4000 commune health workers have trained in IMCI and used IMCI for managing sick children. Implementation results indicated that not only does the strategy improves case management skill of health workers but also mobilizes community participation in child health care at the first level. 
          Besides implementing IMCI at health facilities, the teaching of IMCI has also been applied in medical universities and secondary medical schools since 2001. The duration and method are developed variedly between medical and secondary medical schools to make it compatible with training objectives and level of students. IMCI content is divided and incorporated into correspondent theory and practice sessions. Then students will systemize and summarize knowledge, case management skills and have clinical practices before graduation. The materials of IMCI have gradually been completed for both medical and secondary medical schools. The handbook “Integrated management of childhood illnesses” was translated, edited and used as a textbook for students of medical school and a reference handbook for students of SMSs.
          To date, 9 medicine universities and 29 secondary medical schools through the compilation of curriculum. As a result, graduate students have the ability of accessing the essential skills of integrated child health care.

Figure 1.
IMCI in Secondary Medical Schools
Figure 2. IMCI in Medical Universities
          Improving family and community practices are noticeable goals of IMCI strategy. The IMCI Technical Office getting together with the technical expert of the leading institute/hospital and relevant health programs adapted the Mother Card to print and distribute to IMCI implementing provinces and districts. Besides, 12 key household practices were standardized and have been implemented in many provinces. On the other hand, IMCI Technical Office also compiled and adapted the C-IMCI package and IMCI guidelines for village health workers into Vietnamese. Today, village health workers in most implemented provinces were trained on integrated child health care management.
     Available training models and materials
   Case management
        - 11-day IMCI training course,
        - 5-day IMCI training course,
        - 6-day ICMI training course,
        - ICATT (IMCI Computerized Adaptation and Training Tool),
        - The materials of IMCI for both medical and secondary medical schools.
   Health system improvement
        - IMCI planning and management course,
        - 5-day IMCI follow-up course,
        - Integrated follow-up method and follow-up tool,
        - Drug supply management course.
   Family and community practices improvement
        - 4-day IMCI village health worker training course.
        - 12 key household practices materials.
        - C-IMCI material.
     2.  Orientation
          - Expanding IMCI activities to other provinces by integrating IMCI content into Child Survival Action Plan from 2009 to 2015 (Decision No. 2565/QD-BYT dated 07/17/2009 by the Ministry of Health), and integrating IMCI into children’s health care programs and related health programs.
         - Maintaining the quality of IMCI in implemented provinces.
         - Applying and expanding IMCI training techniques at universities, colleges/ secondary schools.
         - Updating and developing IMCI technical materials as well as diversifying IMCI training models for health workers.
         - Training village health workers in integrated child health care management.
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